As part of this year’s campaign, CIVIX is excited to be working with Elections Ontario to promote the Ontario Register of Future Voters.

This initiative is separate from Student Vote — but also promotes the habits of active and engaged citizenship among youth.

The Ontario Register of Future Voters (ORFV) is a provisional list maintained by Elections Ontario. Eligible youth must be 16 or 17 years old, a Canadian citizen and a resident of Ontario. By adding themselves to the provisional list now, they will be automatically added to the voters list when they turn 18.

The ORFV helps address barriers to voting among youth and provides a tangible next step for them to be ready to vote in the future.

In collaboration with Elections Ontario, we have developed a variety of promotional materials and suggestions for organizing activities and registrations. You can access these materials on ORFV page on the Student Vote Ontario website:

We would kindly appreciate it if you could encourage awareness of this important initiative among your schools, specifically targeting grades 10 to 12. Feel free to use the attached brochure and social media post.