Hello Monsignor Doyle Community,

Everyone can get behind the reality that all young people should have access to the food they need to live, grow, learn, and thrive. This has been the mission of Nutrition for Learning for 26 years. We all want to help make sure kids have food to eat at school. However, when we tell people about our work here, they often ask…

“But there’s not a need in OUR kids’ school, is there?”

This question is always met with the same response: There are hungry students in every school in the Waterloo Region.

Nutrition for Learning’s commitment to universal access to food in schools means that kids don’t need to self-identify as hungry. Food is simply there for all, so that no student needs to feel separate. This is one simple but very powerful way you’re helping us create greater equity for young people in our communities.

At Monsignor Doyle, Nutrition for Learning and the President’s Choice Children’s Charities Power Full Kids Program, help us to provide breakfast options before school, as well as snacks between classes and at lunch time.

We hope you’ll consider supporting students across the Waterloo Region with us. Donating to Nutrition for Learning is a truly powerful way you can help level the playing field for the next generation.

N4L Waterloo Region Stats

We are grateful for your support and advocacy for the young people in Waterloo Region!



Nutrition for Learning Team