The last day to submit course change requests for Semester 1 is Monday, September 11th by 3:00pm.

This message is on behalf of our Guidance Department:

If you are reaching out regarding a change in your schedule, please follow the instructions below: 

Course Change Requests: 

Students and families need to recognize it is not always possible to make changes to existing student schedules. Some courses are already full making it impossible to take them this school year. Students requesting a possible course change must fill out the form below. 

The Course change request form opens 2 weeks before a semester start and will close 4 days into a new semester. No course changes will occur after that point.: 

  1. Complete an online course request change form ←Click Link 


  1. Have your parent/guardian email your Guidance Counsellor that they approve of the request for course change (this is not a guarantee the course change can be made). 
  1. Guidance will then contact students via phone, email or call into their existing classes once the form has been filled out and we have heard from a parent/guardian. 

Please be aware that guidance will be prioritizing “Essential Changes” according to the criteria below: 


  1. In grade 9, 10 or 11 and do not have 8 courses on their timetable. 
  1. Failed a course last year or last semester and no longer have the prerequisite for a course on their timetable. 
  1. In grade 12 or year 5 and do not have enough courses on their schedule to reach 30 credits/graduate by the end of this year. 
  1. Level changes (for example moving from academic to applied). 
  1. Missing a prerequisite course for entry into a post-secondary institution. 

Please understand that we cannot accommodate teacher requests or requests to be in classes with friends.