Hello Doyle Community,

We are having a last minute Wood Shop “Sale” of sorts today, Friday Oct 6th, from 4-6. We have a number of left behind student projects, some material pieces and some tools available for “sale”. It is a “Take what you Want, Donate what you like” type of sale. All items are passed on in “as is” condition or “some assembly required”.

Below are some photos of what is available. Some pieces may be gone as the “sale” has been open to staff as well.

If you see something you really would like, you can email Greg Cinti @ gregory.cinti@wcdsb.ca and I will do my best to communicate with you and put it aside if available. Today is a PD day so I am working but have access to email.

The woodshop can be access from the east side of the school, (closer to Franklin not Water Street), at the back the building from the black chain link compound. Parking is available there as well.

Thank you for continued support.