Monsignor Doyle will be offering after-school test preparation sessions designed to help students succeed on the OSSLT.  Students who have participated in these sessions have had very successful results in the past and they are recommended for any student who wants to practice the skills that the OSSLT assesses.

When: February 11, February 13, February 20, February 25, February 27, March 4, March 6, March 18, March 20, and March 25

Location:  Room 125

Time:  2:50 – 4:20 (Please make alternate arrangements to get home, if necessary. Bus tickets will be provided to those who require them.)

For tips, hints and strategies for writing news reports, opinion pieces and other aspects of the OSSLT, please visit the Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School Literacy Test Preparation web page or the Monsignor Doyle OSSLT/Literacy D2L resource located at:    As well, parents and students can access sample tests on the EQAO website at in the Parent or Student Resources sections.  Working through sample test questions and reviewing sample responses will give students a sense of the quality of work required to meet the reading and writing standards for the OSSLT.  Becoming familiar with the expectations of the test will help the students to be successful.