Have you Done Yours?
Due in March

The information below is meant to help parents and students make informed choices. Please feel free to contact the guidance staff if you have any more questions.

2020-21 Course Offerings Summary Form – CLICK HERE

Current Grade 12 Students:

  • If you have applied to college and/or university you cannot choose courses at secondary school.
  • If you wish to return for an additional semester, please come to Guidance to pick up a course selection form (to be completed, signed by a parent or guardian and returned to Guidance).  Course selections will be due by March 6, 2020 to guidance.
  • Thinking Co-op?
    • Co-op applications are available in Guidance and are due with your Course Selection


The 2020-2021 Monsignor Doyle Course Calendar can now be found on our Website.

Click HERE to review it

Both online registration and a signed paper copy of your Course Selections need to be done and handed to your semester 2 teacher by March 6th, 2020.

Need a course Selection Sheet?

    • For a Grade 10 Course Selection click HERE
    • For a Grade 11 Course Selection click HERE
    • For a Grade 12 Course Selection click HERE

Complete your online Course Selections by choosing the myBlueprint icon below.

To watch a video to show you how to complete course selections using myBlueprint, click the thumbnail below.

Student Course Selections- updated – myblueprint

Experiential Learning allows students to experience learning outside of the classroom and discover what real life work experiences can be like.

Experiential Learning Opportunities include:

  • SHSM – Specialist High Skills Major
  • CCEP – College Cooperative Education Program
  • UCEP – University Cooperative Education Program
  • SWAC – School within a College Program
  • Exploring the Construction Trades
  • CAPP – College Apprenticeship Prepartation Program
  • Community Build Program
  • Summer Coop

Take a look at what Doyle has to offer through this informative presentation. Click on the image below.