If the reason for your visit is of an urgent nature, please let the Administrative Assistant know when you come into guidance. It may be possible to have the appointment for that day.

There are Four ways to contact your guidance counsellor.

    • Book an appointment ONLINE with your respective Guidance Counsellor based on the alpha breakdown listed below.
    • Stop by the office before, after school and/or at lunch to see if they are available.
    • Call the office – 519-622-1290 ext. 5287 to speak with your counsellor.
    • Send an email by clicking the name of your counsellor below.

T. Schade (timothy.schade@wcdsb.ca)

Ext. 5295
Alpha A-F

L. Manders (lynn.manders@wcdsb.ca)

Ext. 5280
Alpha N-P, International Certificate Program Advisor and Short Term Exchange Lead

C. Marschall (cresh.marschall@wcdsb.ca)

Ext. 5294
Alpha G-M, Specialist High Skills Major School Lead

K. Myers (kim.myers@wcdsb.ca)

Ext. 5292
Alpha O-Z, Multilanguage Learners and International Students (long term exchanges)