Chaplaincy Program

Hello, welcome to Monsignor Doyle Chaplaincy page.

I’m Miss Janet Goncz, and I’m School Chaplain. People often ask what it means to be a Chaplain. Hopefully as you scroll around this page you will get a good idea of what a school chaplain can offer.

Prayer Life

Monsignor Doyle is a Catholic school, committed to Gospel values. One of the central beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus is not just a historical figure who had some really good ideas about how to live, but that He rose from the dead and is present and alive within His people as the Christ, the Son of God. Christ’s presences is felt and celebrated in all aspects of this high school community.
Time and again, Jesus stresses the need for prayer as the basis of Christian life. Prayer is the means to a relationship with God, and this way we open ourselves to God’s power and strength through the Holy Spirit so that we carry out God’s will in our lives and in the world around us.
What does this mean for our school community?
Each morning our school day begins with a prayer. Meeting and gathering of all types begin with prayer.
We celebrate Holy Mass together as an entire school three times a year. Liturgy of the Word is celebrated at all important times of our faith year including Advent, Lent, Holy Thursday.
We are blessed with great support from our priest Father Irek from St Ambrose Church and Father Redmond from St Gregory’s Church.


A retreat is simply a time when we step back from our day-to-day lives, in order to recharge our spiritual and physical batteries and then re-emerge revitalised. Many people find that the best way to do this is to go away from their familiar everyday surroundings and go to a quiet place.

There have been many opportunities for our students to experience a retreat. We have retreats for all Grade 10 classes as well as retreats for a variety of school groups. .

Opportunities for Faith in Action

I love this quote: “Faith without action is all alone and dead.”

Here at  Monsignor Doyle it’s a very different picture!  Some of the opportunities our students have been involved with during the last 12 months include:
“Into the Cold Social Justice Campaign”
Busker for Nepal
Bake Sale for Kenya
Food Collection for “Bridges” Homeless Shelter
Walk to End Homelessness
Walk Against Male Violence
Vow of Silence.

Visible Presence

There are many aspects to being a School Chaplain and all of them are a privilege. One of the roles I have here Monsignor Doyle is to walk each day alongside our staff and our students; to walk with them and share with them the exciting news of the day, to listen and support when the news isn’t quite so good and to be a bridge that reconnects people when friendships are strained .
Visible presences also pertains to our Lord Jesus Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament in our beautiful Chapel. Our Chapel is located at the front entrance of our school and is a place of quite meditation, prayer and liturgical celebrations. The Chapel is always open and available to all.

Chaplains Office

The Chaplains office is located down the Arts Hallway.  The door is open to all. Come in and sit a while.