Dear Graduates,

We continue to do what we can in preparation for the end of the school year to honour your graduation from Monsignor Doyle. Below is a brief summary of what we are currently working on:

  1. As per the board message on May 20, 2021, our virtual graduation celebration is postponed until October 2021. At that time, you will be able to pick-up your diploma, awards and certificates — all of which will be at the school.
  2. Grad photos are NOW scheduled for June 7th – 11th (next week) in Gym A at Monsignor Doyle. Please enter the school through the gym/bus entrance on the side of the building. For students who booked a timeslot previously, the same date and time will be given to you. For students who have not booked, go to , select “in school” and enter MSD.
  3. Any students who wish to purchase a graduation cap and/or gown can do so through Jacor’s online store until June 17, 2021 (this is a keepsake and is not required for grad photos as Edge has caps and gowns for student use when getting photos taken). Click below on “Order Your Grad Wear” for more information.
  4. Ally, Alex and Alessia, three graduating students, are putting together a Grad Memory Book, which is optional and is something exclusively for graduates (we will not have a school yearbook this year). Information was emailed to grads on May 3 and is also below under the section called “Grad Memory Book”.
  5. We are planning a “grad gift” drive thru on June 28th. More details will be provided as we get closer to the end of June as we will need to take into consideration Public Health protocols at the time.
  6. Continue to check here for up-to-date information.
  7. If you have any questions, call the school at 519-622-1290.


The Doyle Grad Committee

Important Notice about Photos

Dear Graduates,

Grad photos are NOW scheduled for June 7th – 11th (next week) in Gym A at Monsignor Doyle. Please enter the school through the gym/bus entrance on the side of the building. For students who booked a timeslot previously, the same date and time will be given to you. For students who have not booked, go to , select “in school” and enter MSD.

For students who have ordered a cap and/or gown, these items will be available for pick-up as part of our grad gift drive thru which is planned for Monday, June 28th. More details to come.


The Doyle Grad Committee

Book your appointment @

School Code: MSD

Hello Grade 12 Students, 

After reviewing the results of the grade 12 memory book survey that was sent out a few weeks ago, we are excited to be moving forward with the design process of the book. 

As we have explained, we are working on creating a memory book to encapsulate all that our class has achieved over the past 4 years. For this to be a success, we need your help! 

We kindly ask that you complete the following tasks: 

  •  Please follow the link below and fill out the survey, letting us know your favourite memory of highschool and goals for the coming years. In the survey, you also have the option to vote for “most likely to” and “best” awards. Click Here to Complete
  • We would also like to include your photos from events, trips, class, sports, and clubs in the book. Please email photos you would like to include to

How to submit grad photos: 

  • Send one individual grad photo of yourself to be included on your personal feature page (Could be school photo, but doesn’t have to be) 
  • Send as many photos of sports/events/highschool experience as you would like 
  • In the subject line of your email write “Photos for Grad Book-Topic” Example: “Photos for Grad Book-Sports”

We ask that you submit your survey and photos as soon as possible. We will share details regarding when the book will be available for purchase on Cash Online (towards the end of June). At this time, the anticipated cost is between $10-$15, and we are aiming to have the book ready for when you pick up your diploma in October. We thank you in advance for your contributions, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 


Ally, Alessia, Alex

Class of 2021 Grad Wear

Available Now

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Q – Can we have an outdoor grad ceremony? What about several small ceremonies?
A – Unfortunately, we can’t. Current Public Health guidelines have designated our region as a “Red Zone”,
which means outdoor gatherings like graduation ceremonies are limited to 100 people where physical
distancing is possible (each person would have to be 2 metres apart). We have close to 230 graduates
this year and when you factor in family and staff involvement, our numbers are far too large to adhere to
Public Health guidelines. Some people also asked whether multiple smaller outdoor ceremonies would be
possible. We would have to run multiple ceremonies over several days to accommodate students,
families and staff. Logistically, this is not possible. All WCDSB secondary schools and the board decided
that an outdoor ceremony is not possible this school year. It may seem that this decision was made too
early, but given the time required to plan and organize a graduation ceremony, whether it’s a video or in
person, we had to make a decision in order to prepare.
Q – Can we delay graduation until the fall?
A – All 5 WCDSB secondary schools have decided to recognize grads at the end of June and not in the
fall for several reasons. There is uncertainty as to whether or not the Region’s Public Health designation
will be different in the fall than what it is now. With so much uncertainty, it is difficult to plan a ceremony as
large as graduation. Many graduates will be unavailable to participate in a possible face-to-face ceremony
due to post-secondary plans (i.e. work, college, university).
Q – Will there be a drive thru ceremony?
A – We have discussed this idea and we are currently waiting to hear from the school board and Public
Health whether or not this is possible.
Q – Could we have a Teams Meeting so the graduates can hear their names called?
A – We will not be hosting any live meetings or videos as part of the ceremony — everything will be
pre-recorded. Last year’s graduation video included grad photos of students along with the students’
names, the names were not read aloud; however, we will consider reading each graduate’s name aloud.
Keep in mind that we also have to take into account the length of the video.
Q – Will there be a grad care package?
A – Yes. All grads will receive a tassel with a 2021 charm attached to it along with a rosary and a copy of
the New Testament. You also have the option of ordering a gown and cap — click here for details.
Q – Will there be a prom?
A – We do not organize or run a school prom.
Q – Will there be a grad yearbook or yearbook-like inclusions (e.g. Most Likely To) in the grad
A – There will not be a grad yearbook or a school yearbook this school year. We will try to reserve part of
the video for yearbook-like inclusions and will seek further student input on this.

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