Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

Dear Families,

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board continually strives to find new and improved ways to become Eco-friendly. Registration for Monsignor Doyle C.S.S. will be paperless and all School Start Up information will be completed through School Cash Online.

NEW to School Cash Online

If you do not already have a School Cash Online account, please go to and register. Once you have registered, please follow the instructions below. A video guide to School Cash Online is available below.

How To Register Online

School Cash Online Instructions:

  • Login to: between August 24th – September 7th.
  • Please add the $20 Student Fee to your cart
  • Please complete all required forms for your child
  • Add your completed forms to your cart. Once you are done, proceed to the checkout. Print a copy of the receipt for your records.
  • If a form asks for a Teacher’s name, please type n/a

2020/2021 Start Up Forms

The following 2020/2021 Start Up forms are mandatory and will be accessible through School Cash Online. $20 Student Fee (All Students—Grade 9-12)

  • Intramural Consent Permission Form (All Students—Grade 9-12)
  • Student Image/Video/Voice Recording Consent Form (All Students—Grade 9-12)
  • Critical Medical Form (All Students—Grade 9-12)
  • Concussion Code of Conduct—Parent/Guardian (All Students—Grade 9-12)
  • Concussion Code of Conduct—Student/Athlete (All Students—Grade 9-12)
  • Responsible Use of Technology & Electronic Data (Grade 9 Students Only)
  • Experiential Learning Trip Form (Grade 10-12 Students Only)
  • Post-Secondary Disclosure of Information Form (Grade 12 Student Only)
  • Catholic School Advisory Council, Nomination of Parent Candidate (Optional Grade 9-12) REVIEW ONLY
  • Student Personal Information Collection/Use/Disclosure Notice & Violence Threat Risk Assessment (These documents are not to be added to your cart. They are only to be reviewed.)


More information will be communicated to families through School Messenger/Newswire regarding timetable distribution and the schedule for September 14th.

Please follow our website: for important updates.

  • Students are carrying 2 courses at any given time and in each day they have the opportunity for learning in at least one course through the synchronous lesson or both courses, if it is also their day for face to face instruction. (Term model)
  • Classes are divided into 2 sub-groups or “cohorts” and access face to face learning ½ the time.
  • Synchronous learning is when students are connected to their teachers remotely (in real time) for their instruction.  In most cases the students will connect from their home.
  • Physical distancing will be observed in the classroom (e.g., students and staff will remain 2 metre apart)
  • Students observe a 5-7 model of 5 days in school in a row, over a weekend, and then 5 days of learning remotely from home for 7 days – including a weekend.
  • Eld/ community living and active students/high needs students-can come every day… (5 of the 5 days)

Overview of who is attending face to face, week by week:

Current Quad Schedule

Bell Times

Morning Face to Face: 8:35-11:05

Travel/Lunch: 11:05-1:00

Afternoon Online: 1:00 – 3:30  (1 – 2:15 Synchronous, 2:15 – 3:30 Asynchronous)