Dear Monsignor Doyle Families:

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 together, we are pleased to share an update on enhanced options for buying your child’s school uniform in 2020.

Our school uniform provider, McCarthy Uniforms, has three enhanced options for shopping: Updated school e-stores, private appointments (prior to August 15th) and a web-supported call-center.

McCarthy’s does offer walk-in service with extended hours, seven days a week, beginning on August 15th.  Longer than average wait times will be expected due to government mandated social distancing requirements. The six feet social distance requirements translate into only 15% of McCarthy’s normal in-store capacity at peak time.

McCarthy’s has informed us that to support families during this time they have implemented an installment payment program (online only), introduced volume discount buying options and invested in a variety of web support tools to make online shopping easy & fast.  All school uniform products can be exchanged for up to a year and returned until September 15th.

Please feel free to visit McCarthy’s website  You may also call McCarthy’s at: 1-800-668-8261.  McCarthy’s is located at 44 Saltsman Dr Unit #1, Cambridge.