The Kenya service learning program is planning a fundraiser with smart choice electronics. We are collecting unwanted working or non-working electronics to take to the Smart Choice Electronics Cambridge located on Hespeler Road. They pay us per pound of donated material. So it is a win win—- you get empty drawers and closets and we get help towards fundraising for our trip to Kenya in May with Me to We.

We will be collecting all electronic items in room 124 at the school. You may drop it off at the office or send it to school with your child to take it to room 124.

Electronic items that can be donated include working and non-working:

– computers

– laptops

– cell phones and telephones

– batteries

– tv’s

– fax machines

– cameras

– radios

– video game consoles and accessories

– printers/scanners/copiers

– audio/video players and recorders

– and so much more!

If you’d like to drop off the items at the shop yourself, you are welcome to and simply put it towards our account “Monsignor Doyle” when you are making your donation. See their website for more info:

We hope you consider donating to the Kenya service learning program.  Asante sana (thank you!) very much.