Hello Parent/Guardians:

Just a reminder that starting Thursday, September 17th:

  • Students in Cohort A will be attending class face-to-face from 8:35 am – 11:05 am.  Buses will depart the school at 11:15 am.
  • Students in Cohort B, will stay at home and work asynchronously in the morning.
  • All Students (Cohort A & B) will be logging into their Period 1 class for their synchronous learning at 1:00 pm.
  • Students cannot enter the building before 8:15 am and must go directly to their class.  Staff will be out in the halls to help students find their morning class.
  • Students will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the school.
  • All students, except students taking Phys Ed, must be in full uniform.  Students taking Phys. Ed must come in their gym clothes.  There is no access to change rooms.