future mustangs (1)
  1. You will look cool in a Doyle uniform
  2. Doyle does have a second floor
  3. We still call the 20 year old addition, the “New Addition”
  4. Going to the principals office isn’t always bad
  5. Your locker combination takes some practice.  Don’t stress if you don’t get it on your first try
  6. Doyle has over 1000 fantastic students
  7. The library is open during lunch if you need to use a computer or get some work done
  8. Many of Doyle’s staff members are former graduates of Monsignor Doyle
  9. Not all your courses have to be taken at the same level
  10. It’s only 4 years, but it can be the best 4 years!

A Welcome from Mr. Bellini

Each Grade 9 will have:

8 Courses Total – 6 Compulsory and 2 Electives (Art, Business, Phys Ed and/or Tech)
Course Levels available – Applied (P), Essential (L), Academic (D), Open (O), Destreamed and Community Living and ACTIVE Programs

For more detailed info,  click here

Choose your Courses using myBluePrint
Due Date: February 26th 2021

Click on the images below to view the presentations.

Link to File
The Next Step: Transitioning to High School is a presentation specific to Monsignor Doyle and our Mustangs. grade 8 2018 school visit
For a more detailed run through of the above presentation, view the video from our Grade 8 class visits. (45 min run time) YouTube Link
Entering Secondary School is a board created document to help students moving from Elementary school to High School.

HeadStart is a voluntary, value-added summer support program offered for FREE for Grade 8 students entering Grade 9 only at one of our five WCDSB Catholic Secondary Schools.  Although this program is NOT mandatory, separate registration for HeadStart is required. This program is only available to students enrolled in our Catholic Secondary Schools each September.

At this time, information is limited but this link will have the most current information when it is available.

HeadStart to Grade 9

Digging deeper into Doyle Course Offerings and future Pathways

Finding your Pathway to Success

At Doyle we pride ourselves in doing what we can to support our students.

  1. Teachers
  2. Guidance
  3. SST (Student Success Teachers)
  4. Special Education
  5. Chaplain
  6. Nutrition for Learning
  7. Child Youth Workers (CYW’s)

Because of our COVID situation, things may be different in September when you come to Doyle. However, here is some of our regular and adapted information for 2020.


Currently, lockers are not being used by students, but if they were, lockers are assigned and have locks attached to them. Your locker number can be found in your student portal when registration is completed. Your locker combination will be given to you either by email or attached to your timetable.

Daily Schedule

Adapted Schedule Regular Day
Face 2 Face – 8:30-11:05
Travel/Lunch –
Online – 1:00-3:00
Period 1 – 8:30-9:50
Period 2 – 9:56-11:11
Lunch 11:11-11:57
Period 3 – 12:03-1:18
Period 4 – 1:24-2:39


Here is what a timetable will look like.  Click for a larger image.

Student Portal

You will be able to access this information through the Student Portal from Aspen. Click here for instructions.

Each course you take is a part of a bigger department here at Doyle. To learn more about them and what they have to offer past Grade 9, check out each one.

Check out all the creative ways you can style your Doyle Uniform!

We have Non-Uniform days too. Civvies days and Spirit Wear days

Civvies days are days that you can wear your own fashion by donating to a chosen cause. Spirit Wear days are every Wednesday and student can wear Spirit wear tops from Teams, Clubs and Events that have been created with the Doyle logo.

Still Need more info?

At Doyle there is lots of ways of getting involved, from Sports and Clubs to performances and service learning. To learn more click on the links below.

   Extra Curriculars


Never been to Doyle? Check it out virtually before you arrive. Click on the Info spots to learn more.

   Click Here to open a larger version.

To Graduate students require the following:

  1. 30 credits – learn more
  2. 40 hours of community service – learn more
  3. Completion of the Literacy Test (written in Grade 10) – learn more

Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang

Here is how we celebrate our graduates success even after they leave us. Sample Alumni Promo

Check out the full page @ Spotlight on Alumni

If you have a child in grade 8 who is not currently attending one of our WCDSB elementary schools, please contact Karen Rodriguez, Lead Administrative Assistant at Monsignor Doyle for registration information.  Registration must be completed prior to February 26th, 2021, including course selection.

Email Karen.Rodriguez@wcdsb.ca or call (519) 622-1290 ext. 5281.