This is  a final reminder that Course Selection for Monsignor Doyle students closes on March 1st.  

MyBlueprint link is found in myAPPS, on the Doyle Website main page and using this link:

This year, after you choose your courses in myBlueprint and submit them, you will be prompted to input a parent/guardian email address.  A copy of your course selections will be sent to your parent/guardian for approval; this will replace a signed paper copy.  However, if you prefer to print your course selections and have them signed by a parent, you can drop off a copy to the Guidance Department or scan and email a copy back to your Guidance Counsellor before March 1st.

Please adhere to the March 1st deadline as we begin scheduling your new courses early in the spring.

Resources to help you choose your courses:

To assist you with the course selection process and to help you make informed choices, we have dedicated one part of the Guidance website link to Course selections. The link is here:

As we are unable to present in person to you this year, we have posted our presentations on the Doyle Website in the link above but have also placed them here for you.  Please review the resources for your grade, prior to making your course selection choices.

Grade 9:

Grade 10:

Grade 11:

Want to know what is offered at Doyle?  Course Offerings Summary Brochure (lists all of the courses offered at Doyle) –

Want to know what the courses are all about? Open the following Course Descriptions link to find detailed descriptions of each course –

Thinking about Summer School? In your course planner, when you click on ‘+ elective’, you will be brought to all departments and their course offerings in the school.  Summer School is available under the ‘Summer School’ Department.  You need to add ‘Summer’ to your myBlueprint planner and fill out the following form.  You are not registered for summer school until you fill out the form. those students choosing Grade 10 Civics and Careers, Grade 11 World Religions University/College level and Grade 12 Social Justice Religion University/College level for summer school, instead of choosing ‘Summer’ in your course planner, you can choose those specific summer courses; they are listed under the specific department). 

If you are going into grade 11 or 12 next year, and you are thinking about taking Co-operative Education, you need to choose co-op in your myBlueprint planner and fill out the following application – link to application .  If you do not fill out the co-op application prior to March 1st, you will not be considered for co-op. This is mandatory.

If you have questions about your course selections, please email your Guidance Counsellor or book an appointment on the Doyle Website under ‘Student Space’ appointment bookings or here:  Your Guidance counsellor can help you answer many questions that you may have at this critical time.

Good luck Mustangs!

Your Guidance Team

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