On behalf of the Monsignor Doyle Staff, we want to wish you a very blessed Easter Triduum. We hope that you make time for quiet reflection and spend time with family in this very different Easter weekend.

In the Easter gospel, we see Mary Magdalene, Peter and the ‘disciple who Jesus loved‘ go to the tomb where Jesus was buried and find the tomb empty. I would imagine that when Mary Magdalene decided to visit the tomb, she had a much different expectation of what she was going to see and find.  As we know, when she arrived, she found the stone pushed aside, Jesus was not there except for his burial cloths and face coverings. I am sure all hope left Mary at this point, not quite comprehending what had occurred.  If I reflect on this gospel passage and we fast-forward to our current situation, I am sure we all had different expectations for our Easter 2021 and we would have hoped for a different weekend. Maybe you have lost hope and are confused by our current state of affairs. We know from experience that our plans and hopes are not always the plans and hopes of God. Just as Mary and the two disciples believed, we to have to believe that there is a bigger plan and know that God is with us.

We leave you with this Easter song “An Easter Hallelujah – Cassandra Star & her sister Callahan”