Link to Secondary Gifted and Enrichment Opportunities

The following are descriptions of the available enrichment opportunities. If you are interested in attending any of these programs please read the descriptions carefully to see when applications are due. For more information please check out their web sites or see Mrs. Grasso or Mr. Faria in the Special Ed Office, room 21.

Adventures In Citizenship

This program is intended to promote greater understanding and appreciation of citizenship in Canada. It runs for one week in May in the National Capital Region. You will have the chance to attend Parliament, hear lectures, attend social events and meet students from across Canada, as well as to stay in an Ottawa area home. You must be a senior student (16-19 years old). In the past, the local Rotary club has sponsored students. They conduct interviews in late February so you need to check by the end of January for application forms/ more information.

Blyth International Education

This accredited international program offers students ages 15 to 19 the opportunity to take high school or university credits in 10 programs offered on 5 continents. This program offers more than just classroom learning. Field trips are offered to allow students to explore their surroundings and gain first hand experience directly related to the topics being covered. Courses are offered in Paris, London, Rome, The Amazon, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain and Canada. Registrations received and paid in full in December receive a 10% discount. The fees for this program range from $2,700 to $5,500. Cheques are payable to Paramount Travel in trust. A deposit of $750 and an insurance fee of $250 must be sent with application. More information is available on their web site, or by calling (416) 926-0646.

Campus Days at Waterloo University

These days occur during March Break. Each faculty has a presentation on their program

Deep River Science Academy

Deep River Science Academy offers a six-week summer program, which allows students with a minimum of grade 11 science to take part in a research project under to mentor-ship of a professional researcher. The program offers students two credits in Biology, Chemistry or Physics. The fee for this program is approximately $3,700. Most students who attend are sponsored by a company or receive a bursary to offset costs. Applications are available at the school starting in December and are due the beginning of April.

Encounters with Canada

Encounters with Canada is a one-week program of Canadian studies that is held at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Ottawa. High school students, ages 15-17, come from all across Canada to participate in this program. The program is divided into two parts. In the first part of the week students visit Parliament, the Senate and have a guided tour of the National Capital Region. The second part of the week the students participate in discussions, audiovisual presentations, and simulations as well as listen to guest speakers and take theme-related tours. Students select the week they would prefer to attend based on the nine sub-themes: sports, science and technology, arts and culture, law, Canadian Mounted Police forum, journalism and communication, business and entrepreneurship, Canada and the world, and history and remembrance. Exchanges Canada pays the transportation costs to and from Ottawa. The registration fee is $590. In 2001, all applicants who had their application forms in by December 31st received assistance of $100 from private donors and sponsors. Some of the weeks have $100 – $200 bursaries available. For more information you can visit

Engineering Science Quest

University of Waterloo runs a number of engineering and science camps during the summer for students from grades 1-9. In addition they offer positions as Junior and Assistant Instructors for their camps (looks good on a resume). Applications for instructor positions come into the school in mid-February and are due by the end of March.

Forum for Young Canadians

Each year, the Forum for Young Canadians brings more than 500 senior high school students to Ottawa in order to study government, meet the country’s leaders and participate in a mock election and House of Commons session. The program runs during March and April. The fee is around $700, although some community funding may be available. See their web site at for more information. Applications are due by mid-November.

Global Vision

Global Vision aims to encourage young Canadians brings more than 500 senior high school students to learn more about the global economy through sessions held locally at UWO in London. Students who attend a three-day session then have the opportunity to apply to become a member of the Junior Team Canada Economic Mission who travel overseas to make connections with foreign businesses. The cost for the weekend session is approximately $50. Historically it has been held at the end of April. See their website at

Guelph Connection

This daylong conference is aimed at students who have applied to U of Guelph. The university will mail you information if you have applied. The conference is an excellent opportunity to discover what life in Guelph is like.

High School Debating

The Ontario Student Debating Union provides competitions and a provincial seminar. The regional competitions are Oct. 16, Nov. 19, Dec. 10 and Feb. 18. To obtain more information on provincial competitions, visit the website at


HOBY provides a three-day leadership conference for grade 10 students during the first weekend of May. Schools are only allowed to send one student. Topics covered include entrepreneurship, education media, business technology, business, etc. Students are expected to take on leadership roles at their schools.


For seven months, students ages 17 to 21 years will work in teams of 10 to work on community projects. As a volunteer, you will develop leadership skills, improve your understanding of environmental issues, complete projects and tackle stimulating projects. For more information go to the website

Listen, Learn, Lead, Leadership lectures

This leadership lecture series features individuals who have either demonstrated leadership or have researched leaders. Guest lectures include Bruce Kirby (Oct 21) adventures across the Arabia Desert, Jon Ralston Soul (Jan 28) who has written on the ethical society, Marc Keilberger and Roxanne Joyal (April 7) who are university students who worked in Thailand with AIDS victims and in Kenya with workman. The lectures are free.

Math Contests

University of Waterloo, U of Toronto and U of Windsor are a few examples of universities that offer math contests. Check with your math teacher if you are interested in participating in these contests.

Metro Catholic United Nations Conference

This is a mock United Nations conference. Students are assigned to a country. They address their assigned country’s issues and needs. This conference takes place Nov. 20 – 22. If you are interested please inform your guidance counselor and Cheryl Elliot-Fraser at

Metro Catholic U of Toronto Conference

This one-day conference at University of Toronto explores a variety of topics in all subject areas. Professors and graduate students provide the workshops. The conference is on Feb. 18 at the St. George campus. The cost is $20.00 per student. You need to register by January 28th. Applications should be available during the first week of January.

Ontario Science Centre School

The Ontario Science Centre Science School started in 1982 with the goal of providing senior high school students the opportunity to study for a semester in the dynamic setting of the Ontario Science Centre. The program strives to provide 25 selected students with a solid base of academic subjects while stimulating the student’s interest, imagination, initiative, creativity and ability to communicate in a non-competitive and co-operative environment. Five OAC courses are offered: Science in Society (this is compulsory), Biology, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. Experienced and imaginative teachers instruct the students in small, informal classes. Along with covering the Ministry guidelines, students are involved in the life of the Science Centre, acting as hosts and actively participating in theme weeks, conferences and working with children. For more information like: housing, admission, fees and scholarships please visit or call the Science School education department at (416) 696-3212. Applications are due the beginning of April.


Promoting Women In Science is an annual three-day conference held at Wilfred Laurier University. This year it is being held May 8 – 10. The deadline for applications is March 8. It is aimed at grade 10 girls and is designed to promote interest in science and engineering careers. The young women will attend four 2½-hour workshops, work in laboratories or attend information sessions. There is a nominal cost. For more information please email the university at

Queen’s Enrichment Mini-Course

This weeklong program is held at Queen’s University May 13-17. Students will be participating in a course of study of their choosing for 25 hours over the week. These non-credit courses represent a wide variety of disciplines offered at Canadian Universities. The cost is approximately $400 including the cost of residence and breakfast and supper. Applications should be available in December and are due early in May. Visit for more information.

St. Jeremy’s University Religion Lecture Series

St. Jerome’s along with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board sponsors lectures on religion topics throughout the year. The lectures are free.

Shad Valley

This four-week summer program is offered through various universities in Canada. Choose from a number of host campuses including: Carleton University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Lakehead University and several out of province locations as well. It provides 16-19 year old students an opportunity to participate in an innovative leadership program with a science, technology and entrepreneurship focus. Many students follow up this experience with a five-week paid work term with a sponsoring organization. Applications for next year are now available and are due in December. The cost of tuition ranges from $1500 – $2250. For more information visit their web site at (a self-assessment web site is available to help you determine whether to apply to Shad Valley at

Summer Language Bursary Program

This intensive language learning program lasts five weeks and is offered at various locations throughout Canada. Courses are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for students who have completed a minimum of grade 11 French. If you take this course the summer before you attend university or while you are at university there is a possibility of credit transfers to your home institution: you are responsible for contacting your institution to find out. Students must stay on campus or with a homestay family whose members speak French. All expenses are paid except travel costs to your course and spending money. Schools charge a registration fee that is non-refundable, up to a maximum of $150. Some schools may also require a refundable deposit. The tuition and accommodation costs valued at $1,625 are covered by The Department of Canadian Heritage and The Council of Ministers of Education. Applications are due the second week in February.

University of Toronto Gifted Conference

This one day Gifted Conference is offered in February by the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students sign up for workshops on a first come first served basis, as the session sizes are limited. A nominal fee of $20 is charged and this includes refreshments and lunch. Cheques are payable to TCDSB Gifted Program.

World Affairs Conference (Wisconsin)

This weeklong conference deals with many world issues, such as free trade and international conflict. It brings together 1000 young people from North America to the University of Whitewater, Wisconsin to provide a forum for discussion of important world issues. The conference is for students in Grade 11. It will run during the exam period in June. The local Rotary Club has sponsored student in the past.

Western’s Initiative for Scholarly Excellence

Students in Grade 11 and 12 can apply to take one course. Tuition is paid by Western. Applications need to be sent in by May 1.