Monitor Virtual Support
Special Education Monitors are now available for one-on-one online help. If you need some assistance, do not hesitate to book a session.
Ms. Grasso (A to I) – Book With Me
Ms. Manders (J to R) – Book With Me
Mr. Silveira (S to Z) – Book With Me
Instructions on how to book:

For more information about our Special Education programs please click here. This link will take you to our Board site.


What is an IEP? A Pamphlet from our Board

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Program Staff

IEP Monitors

Pat Grasso –  (A-G)
Lynn Manders – (H-R)
Denny Silveira –  (S-Z)

Special Education Teachers

Debra Collins
Maria DaSilva
Amanda Loraso

Advanced Placement

Our school also offers AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

What is It?

Advanced Placement is an exam that offers university-level content to students at the high school level. Students can earn advanced credit for a university course in English. All university programs require an English credit for graduation … you don’t have to be an English major to write this exam.

Post Secondary Information

Grade 12 Transition Parent Letter