Religion and Family Life

///Religion and Family Life
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Program Staff

Jennifer Capa
Anne Denomme
Jon Fage
Tony Faria
Eric Fernandes
Nick Hutfluss
Megan Kerr
Andrea Oliveira
Richard Remillard
Shawn Rosario
Jennifer Wright

Student Information Sheets

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2018-2019 Courses

This semester consists of teaching staff in the following grade levels:

Grade 9 Religion: Jennifer Capa, Jon Fage, Nick Hutfluss, Shawn Rosario
Grade 10 Religion: Jennifer Capa, Megan Kerr, Richard Remillard
Grade 10 Religion Drama: Jennifer Wright
Grade 11 University/College World Religions: Anne Denomme
Grade 11 Open World Religions: Anne Denomme, Eric Fernanades
Grade 12 University/College Religion: Shawn Rosario
Grade 12 Open Religion: Andrea Oliveira

Retreats this Semester:

Grade 10 Mount Mary Retreat
Grade 11 Sacred Space Tour
Grade 12 Ontario Christian Gleaners