March 2021

Dear Graduate:

We want you to know that the Doyle Graduation Committee is in conversation with the other Catholic high schools to recognize you, our 2021 Graduates. Unfortunately, we are limited as to what we can and cannot do given the pandemic.

The message below is from the school board:

We have made a decision that all elementary and secondary graduations will be virtual /adapted once again this year.  All indications would seem to suggest that while we hope to be in a much better place in terms of COVID transmission by the later spring and summer months, but planning starts much sooner than that.  We do not have enough assurances that large gatherings will be possible by then, so we have made a proactive decision that we will not run a traditional graduation celebration.  Your local school will be in touch about how this will be approached in your local site.

In past years, a graduation fee of $50 was collected to cover the gown and stole rental, cap and tassel, grad breakfast, reception and ceremony. This year the fee will be determined by the items that you decide to purchase. The details will be posted on School Cash Online when finalized. Possibilities are outlined in the grad survey which will be shared with you during our meeting on Friday, March 5th at 2:15pm.

For right now, we want to highlight three important items that require your attention:

  1. Grad Photo appointments can be set-up through the Doyle website. Click here for details. If financial assistance is needed, please contact your guidance counselor.
  2. Submit your community/volunteer hours to Guidance sooner than later. The Ministry of Education reduced the amount of hours required to 20 for this year’s graduating class. You can pick up a tracking sheet from the Guidance Office or print one at home using this link. Once completed drop off at Guidance.
  3. Join us for our Graduation meeting online on Friday, March 5th at 2:15pm. A link will be shared with you through your board email and your classes on the day of the meeting.



The Graduation Committee