Hello Monsignor Doyle’s Families –

This morning, we are sharing some key items regarding temporary remote learning and the shift to the semester model starting in February.

The request period to move your student to temporary learning remote for the remainder of Quad 2 is now closed.

Classes that provide remote synchronous learning to support students learning from home and learning in person are only for students who:

  • selected remote learning for the 2021-2022 school year
  • selected temporary remote for the remainder of Quad 2 (following Christmas Break)
  • are ill and/or isolating

It is not a flexible option to be adopted on a preference basis.  The impact on the school’s ability to accurately track attendance and illness in the community is significantly reduced when we do not have accurate records of in-person learners and remote learners.  We ask that you continue to follow this guideline.

Please know that students registered for in-person learning will be marked absent from class if they are not present for classes in the school building – regardless of if they join the class link to learn remotely.

In addition, the deadline for any families wishing to choose temporary remote learning for the first two weeks of semester 2 (February 3rd until February 18th) is January 31st.

This will provide time to prepare class lists and to provide accurate information to teachers.  Please contact the student’s guidance counsellor if you wish to have your student learn remotely for this 2-week period.

Semester 2: The daily schedule for the 4 period/day semester model will be provided to all students and families early next week.

Please prepare for the day to be extended by 10 minutes to allow for travel time between classes. Transportation will be adjusted to meet the change in time at the end of our school day.

Note: Even if you have requested remote learning for quad 2 and have spoken to your child’s guidance counsellor already, you must still request temporary remote learning for semester 2.

A-F – Mr. Schade (timothy.schade@wccdsb.ca) 519-622-1290 Ext. 5295

G-M – Mrs. Marschall (cresh.marschall@wcdsb.ca) 519-622-1290 Ext. 5294

N-Pimentel – Mrs. Manders (lynn.manders@wcdsb.ca) 519-622-1290 Ext. 5280

Pinheiro-Z – Mrs. Myers (kim.myers@wcdsb.ca) 519-622-1290 Ext. 5292

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to work through he many changes to our day and learning modes.