School Climate Survey for Families

This survey will be available from March 27th until April 14th, 2024.

We value your feedback as a parent / legal guardian of a student in our school. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and share your opinions with us. We want to learn about your child’s experiences at school so we can understand what is working well and how we might improve in order to contribute to a more positive school climate.

Click Here to complete the School Climate Survey for Families (

The WCDSB conducts this School Climate survey with parents/guardians every two years as a key strategy to building a positive school climate and is also a requirement of the Education Act s.169.1(1)(a), (a.1), (a.2) and PPM 145. Specifically, this survey will invite parents/guardians to share their experiences so that your child’s school and the Board can:

  • make informed planning decisions about programs to promote safe and inclusive schools,
  • determine the effectiveness of programs on an ongoing basis, and
  • build and sustain a positive school climate.

No personal information will be collected from any participant on the survey (e.g., email) and therefore responses from the survey cannot be connected with information already held by the Board in our student information system. All responses will be combined to create school-level and Board-level reports. No program, service or benefit may be withheld because a respondent does not participate, or refuses to participate, in the school climate survey.

If you have questions about the school climate survey collection, please contact your school administrator, the WCDSB Research Team ( or the WCDSB Privacy Records and Information Management Officer (