Social Media & The Law

The Waterloo Regional Police are launching a new program to educate youth about child pornography laws and social media.

As a Catholic school, we have been talking to our students about this issue in the context of healthy human relationships and the sacredness of the human body. We want for all of our students to value one another and to value themselves.

Tips for parents are included in the resource which outlines the concern and police perspective through various scenarios.

We will continue to in-service staff and students on this issue in September, placing it in the context of our Religion and Family Life program as well as Physical Education classes. The Waterloo Regional Police have also agreed to be a part of a presentation to students in the fall.

Parental awareness and support is very important in  educating your son and daughter and we thank you for talking to your son/daughter about this issue.


Tip and Info.

Other information about keeping your son/daughter safe can be found