The Nutrition for Learning program at Monsignor Doyle has experienced increased use this year as more and more students are accessing the snacks provided by the program.

Because of the higher demand for food/snacks, we are going through our budget at a faster rate.  Last week’s civvies day donations will go a long way towards allowing us to continue purchasing food/snacks for our students and I want to share another idea that we can take advantage of.

With the spring weather finally upon us, many will turn their thoughts to tending to our property/yards/gardens and part of that will involve ordering garden soil.  The Big Yellow Bags of black garden soil are common sights in neighbourhoods.

For those of you who are planning to purchase a Big Yellow Bag of black garden soil, please use code NUTRITION22 at the time of purchase.  You will save $5.00 off your purchase price and $10.00 will be donated to Nutrition For Learning, so we can continue to provide our students with nutritious snacks.