Monsignor Doyle Community:

As we approach Mother’s Day, a joyous occasion to celebrate the incredible mothers in our lives, let’s also take a moment to remember those who may be facing challenges and struggling to provide for their little ones. We are excited to announce our Mother’s Day Drive for Baby Items, aimed at supporting new moms in our region who may be facing financial and emotional difficulties.

The journey of motherhood can be overwhelming, and many mothers in our community are in need of assistance and assurance. By coming together and donating essential baby items such as new clothing, diapers, formula, baby food, blankets, crib sheets, and more, we can make a meaningful impact on these families’ lives. Our collective support can bring comfort, relief, and a sense of belonging to these new moms who deserve all the care and assistance we can provide.

Starting this week  and continuing through the month of May, we have set up a display (a playpen) in front of the chapel, where students can drop off their donations. Your contributions will go a long way in brightening the lives of these mothers and their precious little ones.

We kindly urge you to participate in this heartfelt initiative by donating baby items of any kind. Your compassion and generosity will make a significant difference in the lives of these moms. Additionally, we encourage you to spread the word to all our students, encouraging them to join us in supporting these mothers who need our help.

Together, we can create a network of support, showering these moms with love and understanding during this challenging period. Let’s make Mother’s Day every day.

Thank you for your kindness, empathy, and willingness to contribute. Your donations will truly make a world of difference to the mothers and babies in our community.

All donations will be going to the Self Help Food Bank and the Dawn Centre.