This year Mustangs will have the opportunity to purchase a pizza slice punch card through School Cash Online

Pizza slices will be available on Thursdays during the lunch period.


  • Punch cards cost $20 and have 10 “punches”.  1 punch = 1 slice of pizza
  • Pizza will be available to students on Thursdays, beginning October 5, 2023, during lunch in the cafeteria servery.
  • Pizzas are compliant with PPM 150  

Important Notes: 

  1. Purchasing of the card does not guarantee pizza.  This is a new endeavour, and we will do our best to have sufficient pizza available, but we cannot guarantee.  Patience will be appreciated as we work though and develop our process.
  2. Pizza is being purchased from 241 Pizza, located on Myers Road. 
  3. We will only be offering pepperoni and cheese pizza.  No gluten free options at this time.
  4. Siblings can share a card. 
  5. The school will not be refunding money for lost or stolen cards. 
  6. Monies raised will be used to support students in a variety of ways. 
  7. Cards will be available to pick up in the main office – dates and times for card pick-up will be announced to students.