Gold is the New Green


Monsignor Doyle started its first ECO Schools committee in 2014, and in its inaugural year earned a Silver certification through Ontario ECO Schools!  This year, we’re going for Gold!


One of the five pillars of ECO Schools is School Greening.  At Monsignor Doyle, we have a vision for an outdoor space that will be more widely used by our whole community.   We have identified the need for a more natural environment where there would be  outdoor seating near bus areas, more protective shade areas for students and staff during outdoor activities, and more choices for student meeting spaces, including an outdoor classroom.

We would like this to be our school community greening project.  We invite you to help us by donating materials or money, by sharing your talents and skills, and/or by coming out and digging in.

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Our Solar Power Generation - Generating Since 2010

Here at Doyle we are working to minimize our Carbon footprint by collecting the energy of our biggest star - THE SUN!

Check out how much is being generated right now by clicking on the image.

Solar Power Generation

Read the original news article to see how we got started.

Getting Involved

For more information, or how you can help to achieve our gold medal dreams..

Monsignor Doyle is working on it's ECO Schools initatives and Rating.

Some of the things we are doing include

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Four Pillars of an ECO School
Eco Literacy
School Greening
Ecological Literacy
Waste Minimization
Energy Conservation
School Ground Greening


Ecological Literacy

Some of our students are helping with it by connecting their curriculum to ECO.

Computer Splash Screen - seen when students log on.


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Student PowerPoint Files



Waste Minimization

  • Recycle Program every Friday


Energy Conservation


School Ground Greening

  • Landscaping and Yard Maintenance
  • Earth Day Cleanup