This March Break HIEC is offering a variety of Career and Life Skills virtual sessions.

Students can register for as many of these free sessions as they are interested in.  To register CLICK HERE

Sessions Include:

Career Awareness and Exploration Session on Monday, March 14 – 10am – 11am ET

Students are invited to join HIEC for a Career Awareness and Exploration Workshop that will help them discover their career options and aim to get their first job or volunteer experience.

Who am I? Personality, Skills, Interests and Values Awareness on Tuesday, March 15 – 10am – 11:30am ET

Students will participate in a session that asks, “Who am I? And how can my personality, interests, skills and values inform my role in the world of work & careers?”

Cover Letters and Resumes on Wednesday, March 16 – 12am – 1pm ET

Prepare for your first (or second, or third!) job with a cover letter and resume that will stand out to employers and help you secure an interview.

Financial Goal Setting on Thursday, March 17 – 12pm – 1pm ET

It’s never too early to start saving! Join us for an introductory session on setting financial goals and implementing savings strategies.

Self-Confidence and Presentation in a Virtual World on Friday, March 18 – 10am – 11:30am ET

Virtual learning takes its own set of skills! This session will address platforms, camera usage, and how to navigate through the virtual space in a confident manner.