Bullying Prevention at Doyle

One of Monsignor Doyle's main priorities is the safety of our students. Here you will find many documents and tools to help with protecting those within our halls.

Here is what we are doing this year!


Need Help?

Information for Students

Information for Parents

Websites and Resources

Cyber Bullying RAP SHEET - Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

Teens Against Bullying

Bullying Canada

No Bully for Me



Bully B’ware


BULLYING ENDS HERE - Constable Tad Milmine is originally from Cambridge, and is now an RCMP officer  who is gay and tells his story.


And Words can Hurt Forever: How to protect Adolescents from bullying, harassment, and emotional violence.  James Carbarino and Ellen deLara. Free Press, 2002.

Don’t Pick on Me: How to Handle Bullying. Rosemary Stones, Pembrooke.

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander. Barbara Coloroso. Harper Collins, 2002.