Community Living, ACTIVE & Life Skills Programs

For those with developmental disabilities

Developmental Services Access Centre (DSAC) 741-1121

A single point of service for individuals with a diagnosis showing an IQ of 75 or below, and limitations in adaptive functioning. Assessments or a doctor must document the diagnosis.
Referral to DSAC at age 18. An appointment is made with a DSAC Coordinator who will meet with the family to determine which agencies (listed below) are best suited to assist the individual in the future.

Possible Agency Referrals
• K-W Habilitation Services
• Community Living Cambridge
• Extend-a-Family /W.A.L.E.S.
• Transitional Youth (TY) Program
• Aldaview Training Centre
• Elmira and District Association for Community Living
• Parents for Community Living
• Christian Horizons
• Special Services at Home
• Foundations
• Sunbeam Centre
• Recreation Day Program
Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
Kitchener: 886-4700
Cambridge: 623-1230

• Income Support – individuals with various disabilities are eligible for a monthly disability pension at age 18.

• Employment Supports – for individuals with multiple disabilities who want to discuss employment goals.
Recreation Programs

• PAL Card
• Rockway Seniors Centre Dances
• Special Olympics
• Adapted Aquatics
• Central Ontario Developmental Riding Program
• City of Cambridge and Kitchener Recreation Programs
• K-W Boccia Club
• KW Fastrack
• KW Habilitation Services
• Community Living Cambridge
Ready Get Set Volunteer
Volunteer Action Centre

Extra support to enable individuals with disabilities to volunteer.

Essential, ACTIVE Programs
Youth ACCESS Employment Program
578-3677 Ext. 242

Goal: Paid employment

Offers job searching and job coaching support to youth who are out of school, aged 16-30, with learning or behavioural issues. ACCESS assists clients in marketing themselves to employers and to understand employer expectations.

Workplace Essentials Program

Goal: Paid employment or return to school with credits earned.

Offers a 4-week in-school component and a cooperative education portion for youth out of school aged 16-30. May earn up to 5 credits. For more information concerning the referral process call:
Cambridge Area:
K-W Area:
880-1794 C

Canadian Mental Health Association

Cambridge: 740-7782
Kitchener: 744-7645

Supported employment offered.
Job Track Program
(Supported Employment Services)

Goal: Paid Employment
Offers a 6-week in-class pre-employment portion and job trials and coaching support for youth with various disabilities who are out of school, aged 16-30.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Employment Support Program – see Column 1 for details. Must have a documented disability that is expected to last more than one year. Ages 16+
Self Directed High School

See Column 3, however note there are not many ILC Courses written at the Essential / Workplace Level. Some open level courses are available. C
Sunrise Therapeutic Program and
Employment Preparation Training Program (519) 873-0588

Goal: Paid Employment

Offers nine weeks of training for youth with various disabilities who are out of school, ages 16-30.
Volunteer Action Centre

Applied and Academic Programs
Youth Employment Centre
165 King St. E., Kitchener

Employment planning and preparation services for youth aged 16-24. No appointment required – walk in for service.
Cambridge Career Connections
73 Water St. N., Cambridge

Employment planning and preparation services for youth aged 16-24. No appointment required – walk in for service.
WRDSB Self Directed High School

Cambridge: 622-0276
Kitchener: 570-4504

Independent study for 16-19 year olds. Students take one credit at a time. Teacher in class does not teach group lesson. C
Correspondence Courses

Independent Study courses for self-motivated people, not currently in school.

WRDSB (19+)
Cambridge: 740-3800
Elmira: 570-0003 x 4298
Waterloo: 885-0800 C
WCDSB (18+)
Cambridge: 620-9658
Kitchener: 745-1201 C
Independent Learning Centre (16+) ILC material sent from Toronto
1-800-387-5512 C

Self-Employment Programs
(Ages 15-30)
Venture Creation Program

Entrepreneurship program. Able to earn up to five credits. C

Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

Cambridge: 622-0815
Kitchener: 743-2460

Adult & Continuing Education

Credits towards an OSSD offered; Literacy upgrading.
WRDSB (Ages 21+ or 18 with interview)
Cambridge: 740-3800
Kitchener: 885-0800 C
WCDSB (18+)
St. Louis Adult Learning Centre
Cambridge: 620-9658
Kitchener: 745-1201 C
Destination Employment

See Column 2 for details.

Volunteer Action Centre

Recruits and refers volunteer positions within agencies.

Ontario March of Dimes

Employment assistance and services. Community programs for people with all types of disabilities.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

Employment assistance and services for the visually impaired.
Canadian Hearing Society
Employment assistance and services for the hearing impaired.
Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
For individuals with physical and/or
mental impairment. Income support and employment support. See Column 1 for details.

Independent Living Centre
3400 King St. E., Kitchener

Resource centre, housing and leisure programs, support and advocacy, attendant services and respite.

Information and resources for people with physical disabilities. Assistance with adaptive computer technology.
Canadian Mental Health Association

Job Track Program
(Supported Employment Services)

Program run out of Kitchener.
Sunrise Therapeutic Training Program

Volunteer Action Centre